Owner of KALLI TECPATL, Claudia Ce Coatl Pacheco is an Alliance for California Traditoinal Arts 2023  Grantee Winner !

The first Summer Camp  that KALLI TECPATL organized for youth in 2016 with 20 students ranging in age from 4-15 yrs old. The days consisted of Danza Azteca lessons, drumming, arts/ crafts and games inspired by indigenous traditions

This Summer Camp  was provided for the community of Riverside,CA for three years until the pandemic. What would have been our fourth year Summer camp transitioned as an online virtual camp. The turn out was 42 students that attended this 2-week long event. The positive response pushed KALLI TECPATL to continue year-round!



KALLI means house/home in Nahuatl (the language of our ancestors) .


TECPATL means Obsidian flint. This obsidian also reflects the lands that we've lived. in San Bernardino, CA where you can spot the arrowhead figure in the Serrano mountains. In Jalisco, Mexico. There is an abundance of obsidian! Everywhere we walk we find small and large pieces of this precious stone


The space we create with the youth & families is dedicated to the truth of our ancestors which is also the symbolism of the obsidian flint. Our tongue can cut, so it is also a reminder of how we communicate with each other. The youth are listening to everything! and it is our responsibility to pass down ancestral lessons so that they are not forgotten. TIAHUI! PA'DELANTE!


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Our children normalize these ways as a way of life because they started to hear the beat of the drum from the womb.

We share how our transition to Parenthood has been from the perspective of Aztec Dancers. Sometimes it can be a challenge as they get older.

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