KALLI TECPATL invites families to be part of a Azteca/Mexica cultural space

As cultural bearers, CE COATL & CE MAZATL we have the responsibility of sharing ancestral and cultural knowledge to the next generation. 


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Our Space is intended for families...

 to learn, remember and reclaim indigenous culture with storytelling and ancestral traditions. We Specialize in Danza Azteka/Native American culture. Sign up for our classes, invite us to your organization/school/event and we also offer cultural consultations!

Virtual Escuelita

Access to our indigenous storytelling course with live &recorded virtual offerings via ZOOM. These offerings change every season.


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In person offerings

Join us for a cultural camp!




We started as an in person Azteka summer camp and transformed to a virtual school. 

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YOUTH Programs for young warriors  

Sign up for live zoom classes that we offer every season & in person cultural camps.

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Winter Solstice

Get your Recording plus receive a flute from Toetihuacan, MX!

Learn ancestral traditions of the Winter Solstice celebration of Huitzilipotchli, arts/crafts, cooking atolli y mas!

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8 DAYS, meet 1X a w week Virtual Program

Join us!  Interactive storytelling, Step by step Danza Azteca & more activities for the whole family. All VIA Zoom!

*Recordings available

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What can you expect from a Kalli tecpatl class?



Creation stories told with digital animation created by us!


Hands- on cultural arts/crafts activities


Learn Songs in Nahuatl, Spanish & English


Interactive Step by Step Aztec Dance 


Expert teachers who live the culture and practice our ceremonial ways.

8 day (1X a week)afterschool program

$164 per Household

  • Storytelling
  • Crafts & cooking ancestral foods
  • Learn songs in Nahuatl (Azteka ancestral language)
  •  Step-by-Step Danza Azteca Lesson
  • Live Zoom Meet Ups
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Belinda, AGE 11

I liked KALLI TECPATL Summer Program because it had fun activities and we got to do the activities everyday. I like it because I got to know more about my ancestors.


Stella attended a virtual Summer Camp, and even though I tried to talk to her about our ancestors before, KALLI TECPATL helped awaken her ancestral spirit. We go to bed talking about the ancestors and the lessons of the day. She even retained Nahuatl words. She can't wait to see her "friends" again.


My warrios have been participating in KALLI TECPATL Youth Programs since last year and have loved every part of it. From storytelling to learning songs, these programs have strengthened their connection to their culture. Tlazokamati for all you do for our little semillitas. #PuraCultura <3

Doula Jenny

Excellent for kids of all ages. Learn songs/traditions and our connections to our sacred Mother Earth. My Tlahuiz will be joining again!


"My semillas are so thrilled with the camp. I can't thank you enough for all the work y'all are doing!"


Matt is using this month's camp lessons for a project at school. Today he said, "it's only day 2 and I'm so proud of myself".

What you all do is teach our youth about their culture and provide a safe space for them to grow and express themselves. Nic and Matt have fun! And I see how you foster independence and self expression!!! Tlazokamati!!!

tap into your ancestral roots


You are here because of your interest to connect with your indigenous culture. Our genetic memory is awakened when we learn, practice and embrace our indigenous identity. Join us as we continue the healing of our generation. #LaCulturaCura

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