Summer Azteka Camps, partially funded by ACTA grant

 Choose from one our 4 Programs this SUMMER:

**** Register only if you can commit to the 5 DAYS*****

In Person TEEN CAmp:

June 3-7 from 1PM-5PM PST,

Location: BARRIO FUERZA in San Bernardino, CA 

In Person Children's Camp:

5 Sundays: June 9, 23, july 14, 28, Aug 11 from 10AM-2PM

Locations: (parents will receive detailed info once registered)

UCR Botanical garden, Martha Mclean park/riverbed, Hidden Valley, Robidoux Pecan and Parkland

Virtual TEEN CAmp:

5 DAys (meet 1X a week for 1.5 HRS online)



Virtual Children's Camp

5 days

July 29-Aug 2 

11AM-12:30PM PST

email any Questions to: